Bug #4160

Lucene Range Search broken in ICA-AtoM 1.2

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Target version:Release 1.3
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Since updating to v1.2 the default Lucene range search functionality
appears to be broken.

For example, if I type

dates:[19940606 TO 20010606] AND (the)

in the search box.

Resulting error: ================
Server returns the error "At least one range
query boundary term must be non-empty term", suggesting that the
boundary terms are not being correctly passed to the Query Parser.

Expected result: ================
Records related to specific date range.

I tested this search query using different dates appropriate to the records in the test database and received the same error: "At least one range query boundary term must be non-empty term"

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Fixed in r10970.

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date:[YYYY-MM-DD To YYYY-MM-DD] works *Note that the search is date without "s" .

YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD does not work
YYYYMMDD to YYYYMMDD does not work

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