Bug #4170

Deleting a repository which is linked from acl page breaks the acl edit page

Added by David Juhasz almost 10 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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To reproduce this error: ========================

On 12-01-18 04:51 AM, Archeion Coordinator wrote:

Then I deleted the ISDIAH record for the (now empty) repository and went to
remove it from the contributor's list of repositories that she could edit.
When I tried to do that, I got the screen in the attached screenshot (you'll
notice that we're still getting French menu headings here). You can see that
the page is not displaying as it should be and I now can't add or remove
repositories for her. The 'deleted' repository is still in her list of
repositories, but now as 'Untitled', as you can see from the second
screenshot (the screen before the broken editing one).

Resulting error: ================
  • Repository shows as "Untitled" in acl permissions.
  • "Edit information object permission" page is broken (no submit button)

Expected result: ================
ACL permissions for deleted repository should also be deleted.

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