Bug #4256

RAD elements without ISAD(G) Equivalent are not imported/exported

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To reproduce this error: ========================
1)Archival description fields not included in EAD Import/Export: Edition Area fields (2), Class of material specific details Area fields (5), Publisher's series Area fields (6), and Standard number Area (1).

2)Single fields not included in EAD Import/Export: Parallel titles, Statement of responsibility, Other title information, title notes - all drop downs and other notes - all drop downs.

In Title notes -> Source of title proper, is used often by archivists.

ICA-AtoM should support all RAD elements in EAD import/export. Most RAD notes do not have a dedicated EAD element, and require the form <odd type="xxx">
RAD/EAD crosswalk needs to be updated by CCAD to prescribe how RAD notes are mapped to EAD elements.


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Additional Recommendation:
Develop a separate RAD EAD profile for import/export from RAD template

EAD recommends using the RELATEDENCODING attribute in the <eadheader> and <archdesc> tags to indicate the source descriptive standard; and the ENCODINGANALOG attribute in the various EAD tags to map those tags to elements in the standard named in RELATEDENCODING.

ICA-AtoM implements this by using ISAD as the RELATEDENCODING standard for <archdesc>, and uses the specific ISAD element numbers as the ENCODINGANALOG of the various tags in the <archdesc> section.

It would be preferable for ICA-AtoM to use RAD as the RELATEDENCODING standard and RAD rule numbers as the ENCODINGANALOG for EADs that were exported from the RAD template. This might also help ICA-AtoM manage the import / export of RAD elements that have no ISAD equivalents.

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Recent Export/Import testing of RAD-EAD shows support for:
Edition area fields
Class of material specific details area fields (Item level)
Publisher's seriese area fields
Standard number area (item level).

HOWEVER - the other comments attached to this issue are still valid - encodinganalog should refer to RAD rules.

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At this point ALL the EAD elements have been fixed and verified.
Dan has created a separate bug issue for the encodinganalog #4505, which is still outstanding.

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