Bug #4276

Dublin Core export creates non-compliant XML documents

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To reproduce this error:
1)Go to CVA: http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/railroad-trestle-tracks-and-b-m-s-co-ltd-freight-cars-at-1200-foot-level-at-britannia-mines;rad

2)Select Dublin Core Export

Resulting error:
Chrome: This page contains the following errors: "error on line 8 at column 46: xmlParseEntityRef: no name"
Firefox: XML parsing error: not well formed

Expected result:
View XML for record

Some of the “Dublin Core” files are non-compliant XML documents.
Consider the file for Item “AM54-S4-3-: PAN N38″. The culprit is the “&”
character in the title. Outside of a CDATA section, it’s seen as a
syntax marker and not as a shorthand for “and”. For compliance, it needs
to be replaced by the predefined character entity “&”.
Some XML parsers, like the one used by Opera browser, are not forgiving
and reject the whole document.

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#1 Updated by Anonymous about 10 years ago

Export CVA record as EAD XML.
Import into Trunk.
Export record as DC XML.
XML parsing error: <title>[Railroad trestle, tracks and B.M. & S. Co. Ltd. freight cars at 1200 foot level at Britannia Mines]</title>

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Suggest merging this with Issue 3809 (https://projects.artefactual.com/issues/3809) - both issues identify the ampersand as the culprit.

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Issue marked as duplicate; see issue 3809 for work on fixing the ampersand.

As for testing, I cannot test this based on the instructions included here because issue #4302 is still outstanding: roundtripping in Dublin Core results in an empty information object. Jessica is testing 3809 and will comment there.

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