Bug #4310

Boolean operator "/" (OR) not working when used in conjunction with parentheses for searching

Added by Dan Gillean over 9 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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To reproduce this error: ========================
1) Create a fonds-level information object named "one" with child-level descriptions (series) as "One Two", "One Two Three", and "One Two Three Four"
2)Save the information object
3)Enter the following boolean search string into the search bar:

one &&! ("two three" / four)

Resulting error: ================
Search will return record One Two Three. See attached screen shots.

Expected result: ================
Based on the boolean operators used in the query [one AND NOT ("two three" OR four), search result One Two Three should not be returned.

NOTE: this was tested with the spaces on either side of the slash (/) removed, and it produced the same results. However, if OR is used instead, the search phrase returns the expected results.

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boolean-parenthesis-slash-use-error1.PNG (62 KB) Dan Gillean, 12/01/2012 05:30 AM

boolean-parenthesis-slash-use-error2.PNG (61 KB) Dan Gillean, 12/01/2012 05:30 AM

boolean-parenthesis-OR-working1.PNG (59.9 KB) Dan Gillean, 12/01/2012 05:30 AM


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This is clearly 1.x, it's a problem with ZSL. Also, I don't think we should spend much more time tweaking our old search system so I will leave this issue without milestone.

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