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Title Statements of Responsibility field not saving changes

Added by Jessica Bushey almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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When editing the <Title Statements of Responsibility> field, the first time you edit the record, changes to that field do not save. You have to edit the field twice to get the changes to take effect.


Record has: <Title Statements of Responsibility> = “A B C”
I edit the record to: <Title Statements of Responsibility> =”B C A” and save. The saved record still has <Title Statements of Responsibility>=”A B C”
Even if I wait for a long time and refresh the record, the change is not registered. If I open the record to edit it again, the value is still the original value.

However, if I do a second edit: <Title Statements of Responsibility> = “ Z A B”, the second save works.

This bug only appears to affect records that were imported into ICA AtoM, and that have not had any previous edits.

If I create a new record in AtoM with <Title Statements of Responsibility> =”QQQ” and save the record, it saves the values as entered. If I re-open the record and change the value to <Title Statements of Responsibility>=”J QQQ”, the new value is saved.
Also, if I edit an imported record (not a created record) by first editing the <Title> and then saving the record, then re-open the record and edit the <Title Statements of Responsibility>, the change to <Title Statements of Responsibility> is saved.

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#1 Updated by Jessica Bushey almost 10 years ago

Could be related to /p/qubit-toolkit/issues/detail?id=2392

#2 Updated by David Juhasz almost 10 years ago

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This is problem is specific to one institution, and is probably due to a data migration issue. Marking "invalid".

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