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Enhance tracking of Archivematica AIP information

Added by Peter Van Garderen about 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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ICA-AtoM 1.3 included the ability to display the Archivematica AIP and Object UUID for files uploaded by Archivematica. These are stored as QubitProperty values added to QubitInformationObject. To enhance improved integration between Archivematica & AtoM:
  • Add QubitAIP to AtoM data model. This is where AIP UUID will be stored
  • When AtoM parses Archivematica METS XML it will now pull additional AIP info into QubitAIP to store and display in AtoM (e.g. PREMIS Ingested date)
  • NOTE: AtoM 2.x will add a Version field to QubitAIP to be used when AIP versioning is introduced in Archivematica 1.1. AtoM will include the ability to show metadata for previous versions of AIP.
  • Note: DIP = Archivematica AIP METS.xml plus Access copy (manifestation) of original file.
  • When uploading a DIP to ICA-AtoM 1.x, user selects QubitInformationObject which will act as parent to the QubitInformationObject/QubitDigitalObject pair that is created for each uploaded Archivematica Access copy file. In the enhanced 2.x functionality the Archivematica upload will span a new QubitAIP which will link to the selected QubitInformationObject. Since one QubitInformationObject may be related to more than AIP, each QubitInformationObject/QubitDigitalObject pair should also store AIP UUID (rather than inherit from parent QubitInformationObject). Since one QubitDigitalObject can only be related to one Archivematica AIP, the AIP UUID should be stored in the QubitDigitalObject not the QubitInformationObject as it is currently [need to add entity-relation diagram]
  • Upon digital object upload ICA-AtoM 1.x stores the uploaded file as a Master and generates a Reference and Thumbnail manifestation. When parsing the Archivematica METS.xml, AtoM should map any Archivematica Access copy metadata from METS.xml (e.g. PREMIS normalization date) to fields in QubitDigitalObject where usage="Master". Reference copy and thumbnail are generated by AtoM so they don't include any AIP metadata.
  • A new useage type value should be added for QubitDigitalObject = "Original". All the METS.xml Object metadata related to the Original file ingested by Archivematica should be added to this file. Since it will only contain metadata (the original file remains in Archivematica AIP store) it should be created as QubitDigitalObject child to the AtoM "Master" object. Other than some baseline PREMIS Object values common to all Mime types, the rest of the fields added to this QubitDigitalObject should use QubitProperty key/values to allow for parsing and appending of large number of key/value options available in the Archivematica METS.XML for any given object (e.g. metadata generated by FITS tools).
  • If AtoM user has (new) ACL permission to download AIP from Archivematica, then AIP UUID will appear as hyperlink. Clicking it will make call (with authentication info) to Archivematica API with a Read AIP request. Will be presented to AtoM user in a standard 'Save As' dialog.


#1 Updated by Peter Van Garderen about 9 years ago

  • Category set to Digital object

#2 Updated by Peter Van Garderen about 9 years ago

Implement ^ as enhancement to AtoM core or as a new Archivematica plugin?

#3 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago

  • Target version deleted (Release 2.1.0)

#4 Updated by Sarah Romkey almost 8 years ago

There may be a related request from a client, in terms of what metadata is parsed from the METS file to the DIP. The client is more concerned about ContentDM but if that work carries out if may make sense to ensure the same enhancement is made to AtoM.

The use case: A user sees a digital object through the access system and wants to negotiate use of the original file through the institution. The archivist would be able to see the original object UUID in the AtoM (or other access system) metadata, and then go to the Archivematica dashboard to search for that UUID.

Currently, the AIP UUID is parsed to the DIP metadata, which means the archivist would have to search for the AIP and then find the single object within.

#5 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 7 years ago

  • Project changed from Access to Memory (AtoM) to AtoM Wishlist
  • Category deleted (Digital object)

Moved to AtoM wishlist until sponsored for inclusion.

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  • Priority changed from High to Medium

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