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Enhance usability of AtoM 2.x Advanced Search

Added by Dan Gillean almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Usability notes for consideration in future iterations of the advanced search interface:

1) Ideally, an option to clear all fields and perform a new search would be provided, that would also collapse the and/or/not added fields back to the initial display. Currently a user must reconfigure the page manually for a new search, or go back up to the search bar and click through to advanced search again. A simple button that would reset all fields (that reloaded the page, basically) would enhance usability when a user is not finding what they want with the first query

2) Depending on screen size, it can be hard to even notice that a search has been performed - if the user has added several boolean additions to the query (ie, let's say 3 and/or/not fields), then the area where the results are returned is out of view - the user might not know that the results are there, and they must scroll down to them. Perhaps if there is some way of a) loading the page with the first of the search results at the top, or b) indicating to the user that the search has been performed and that the results are below, would help.

3) What if a user wants results that are either Fonds OR collection, but nothing else? Ideally, the dropdowns could also function as multiple selects - otherwise the user must repeat the same query twice to ensure that they have seen all results for what is, in effect, the same level of description.

4) Finally, since the right hand side of the page is not being used by the usual context menu items (e.g., export, etc), we should consider adding help text that outlines the wildcards we support: * for example...

For documentation on advanced search wildcard characters and boolean operators supported in AtoM, see:

See also the helpful page created by the Vancouver City Archives, with a table of "Power Users' search" midway down the page: http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/about

Wireframes will be added to this issue at a later date.

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1) I think that you can do that now by clicking the Reset button, can't you?
2) As it is now, if there are results the browser scrolls down automatically, but definitely improvable

Moving to 2.1, where we can revisit all the browsing/search interfaces and consider a design overhaul, support for multiple entities from the advanced search, etc...

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You're in charge of the interface design! :)

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Hi Jesus,

Yes, the addition of the Reset button was a great improvement, thanks! I've also related this to issue #5279. After the 2.0 launch I will work on some wireframes to consider how we can take advantage of these usability improvements in the advanced search menu. The addition of the filter by fonds, and eventually, the datepicker filter, will also help this be a powerful module.

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We will also need to consider how accented characters are handled in search query results, and other optimizations of elasticsearch's defaults.

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Moved to AtoM wishlist until sponsored for inclusion.

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