Feature #5200

Add ability to search all fields but restrict results to a single fonds/collection, and browse all results.

Added by Dan Gillean almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:06/07/2013
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Category:Search / BrowseEstimated time:2.50 hours
Target version:Release 2.1.0
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In 2.0-interim 1, #5195, we introduced the ability to search the in the treeview of a single collection/fonds.

The search feature currently only searches the titles of descriptions in the collection, but does not offer the ability to search all fields. Similarly, a user cannot easily go to a search/browse page to explore search results for the descriptions of a single collection.

In this feature, the functionality of the current treeview would be maintained, as it is a useful feature for jumping around in a large fonds/collection when the title of the item is known - rather than having to scroll down the treeview, a user can simply input part of the title, search, and go.

However, the ability to search all descriptive information currently indexed, but restricted to the current fonds, is still highly desired to support the workflows of many archivists using the application. For example, finding all records that reference a certain name or place, or that fall on a certain creation date (or within a certain range) can be useful for intellectual arrangement activities, and descriptive updates, etc.

This will require some design consideration, and discussion with the developers. In the future, wireframes will be appended to the issue to consider its implementation.

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#1 Updated by Jesús García Crespo almost 9 years ago

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#2 Updated by Jesús García Crespo over 8 years ago

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#3 Updated by José Raddaoui Marín over 8 years ago

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A similar feature has been added in #5152, allowing to filter by top-level archival descriptions in the advanced search.

#4 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Verified

Hi Radda,

Ok, I have verified that the search WILL return the top-level record, and it WILL hide draft descriptions from unauthenticated users. So I am going to mark this issue as verified.

The problem that remains is this: The Advanced search fields, at least when set to search "Any field", are in fact ONLY searching title and identifier. Any data in any other field does not seem to return a result.

I have confirmed this behavior even when not using any other filters. I have also tested in both Chrome and FF to ensure it's not a browser issue.

Consequently, I am marking this issue verified. We will deal with this problem on another issue ticket, since everything that relates to this issue seems to work now. Thanks!

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