Bug #5254

pre-process date fields before indexing in elastic search

Added by Justin Simpson almost 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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In the metadata entry templates, in the dashboard, users can enter things like creation date. Archivematica 0.10 is indexing the contents of these field in ElasticSearch. Everything entered is getting put into a single field in an Elastic Search document, and Elastic Search is attempting to automagically determine the type of this field. Elastic Search therefore is expecting to see a single date object in that field.

Archivematica should probably pre-process the contents of that field, and detect when there is more than one date entered, and index it as a multi-valued field in ElasticSearch (i.e. submit more than one CreationDate field in the json document sent to ES).

A related issue is when the dates entered do not fit the expected format. For example, a user may enter 'August 2011' as a date, rather than '2011-08-01'. The dashboard should validate the contents of these form fields, either by enforcing a specific date format, or by changing the text entered to be in a valid date format that ES can handle.


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