Bug #5562

Add donor inaccessible via GUI unless Donors are already present

Added by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:09/10/2013
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Category:Menu / navigation
Target version:Release 2.0.1
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According to the user manual, if you want to add a new Donor, you either have to do it by adding a new accession record and using the Donor dialog or:

Navigate to the Manage menu and select "Donors" from the drop-down list.
ICA-AtoM takes you to a Browse menu. Click on the hyperlink of an existing donor name.
ICA-AtoM takes you to the view donor record screen. Click on the "Add new" button in the button block.
ICA-AtoM takes you to the blank edit donor screen, ready for data entry. Enter the new donor name and select "Add new" under the contact area to enter contact information about your new donor. Click on the "Submit" button and ICA-AtoM returns you to the edit donor screen. Select "Create" to save the new donor information.

Resulting error
This means that if a user wants to add a donor record NOT tied to an accession, and does not have a Donor record in the system already, the only way to do so is by hacking the URL or creating an accession and then deleting it after.

Expected result
User should be able to access the Add donor page easily, whether or not previous donors or accessions exist, and without having to add an accession.


1) include "Donor" in the Add menu by default (path: donor/add)
2) include "Add new" button on Donor browse page for authenticated users, not just on the Donor showscreen - user shouldn't have to navigate to an existing donor to be able to add a new one.

This same solution should be applied to other potential problem areas - such as functions, accessions, terms in a taxonomy (at least places and subjects), physical storage, rights holders, etc.... In any area that unauthenticated users cannot access (all of these), we should have an "Add new" button appear in the browse/list pages.

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#1 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

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Hi Dan,

I've added a 'Donor' node in the 'Add' menu, and 'Add new' buttons in the browse pages for accessions, donors, rights holders, physical objects and functions.

Please, let me know if I left something.

#5 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

Hi Radda,

Thanks for doing this! Only, I meant to update this issue after I got back... I've realized that we shouldn't add the Donors to the Add menu, since that menu is accessible to users who may not have permission to add a donor. Sorry about that! I've added instructions to the User Manual on how a user could do this via the GUI; I think it best if we keep it that way. However, the "Add new" buttons elsewhere are awesome, and much needed! I'll test this soon. If possible, I think we should probably remove the donors from "Add" - again, my apologies for the confusion; I hope it wasn't too much work.

#6 Updated by José Raddaoui Marín over 8 years ago

Hi Dan,

It wasn't too much work, I've just reverted the commit that creates the menu node.

#7 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

Great, thanks Radda; will test as soon as I can.

#8 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from QA/Review to Verified

The "Add new" buttons work great, and improve the ability to add records greatly. thanks.

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