Feature #5646

Implement hovertext with details and browse button for treeview search

Added by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:09/21/2013
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Target version:Release 2.0.0
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Navigate to a description with many child records, ideally with long titles
Conduct treeview search

Resulting error
Identifier and level are not visible (as in regular treeview); titles are truncated; no hovertext to reveal truncated titles.

Consequently, if you have a collection that has one hundred records that start with "Photograph of a..." and search for "photograph", the results are nearly unusable.

Expected result
  • Hovering over a returned title gives: Level of description, identifier, full title
  • Currently, when there are more than 10 matching descriptions, the option to go to a browse page is offered. This should be offered regardless of the number of results, since there is so little context in the treeview search.

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Thanks for doing this, it helps usability a lot! The hovertext is great; I like that it appears even if the title is not truncated so a user can still get the level of description and the identifier.

One thing:

1) Find a description with many child levels, ideally with many that have the same title text (like "photograph of ...")
2) Search "photograph" in the treeview quicksearch
3) if 5 results are returned, the browse link will say "Browse 5 holdings". Click the link.

What returns is all child levels - so you might end up on a screen that says "Browse 24 results".

We may not have time to fully address this, but my ideal would be:

  • There is a persistent link above the treeview / below the institution logo that says "Browse this collection" or "Browse all # descriptions" - clicking it takes you to a browse page limited to the current fonds/collection. Users can see the link regardless of if they are looking at the treeview tab or the quick search tab
  • Searching in the treeview provides the "Browse # descriptions" - this returns the same browse page, but with the additional filter at the top: in addition to the collection/fonds filter, there is also "Keyword: ___" with whatever text the user searched for. If the user removes it, the browse page reloads to show all results in the collection, etc...

I know this is different from the original issue, and I can open a new possible feature issue for 2.1 with these notes if we don't have time to consider it now.

If we DON'T have time to change it much now, I think we still have to clarify the # versus the search results. We could change the link text to say "Browse all descriptions" for now. I'm leaning toward using "descriptions" rather than "holdings" - we use holdings on the repository pages, to talk about whole collections held by an archival institution (see for example, our glossary: https://www.ica-atom.org/doc/Glossary#Holdings). I think we should use different language when talking about lower levels of description in a collection/fonds - descriptions seems the best choice.

I'm still really excited about this though! It makes finding a specific description in a large hierarchy MUCH easier; thanks!

I'll wait for your reply before filing a new issue.

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Hi Dan,

I'm glad you like it, I understood in your description that you want the popover appearing always.

I've changed the bottom link, and I think we should create a new feature for the other things you said. I like those features but I don't know if they will fit in the 2.0 schedule.

Thanks for all your efforts to make it more navigable ;)

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