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Changing digital object thumbnail means that thumbnail for reference copy is also changed

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This is a bit of a meta-issue, which I am filing just for consideration - I'm not sure if we want to fix it as it would make all digital object storage and expensive in AtoM, but it could lead to user confusion, and merits discussion.

1) Link a digital object to a description - lets say an image for simplicity
2) Edit the digital object: remove the existing thumbnail, and then upload a different thumbnail. Save your changes.

At this point, everything works as expected. If you are in the digital object browse screen, or viewing the image in a carousel, you will see the new thumbnail. On the description itself however, the reference copy still appears. Now:

3) Edit the digital object again

Resulting error
The thumbnail preview provided next to the Reference representation shows the new thumbnail, even though the reference representation has not been changed.

From a programmatic perspective, this makes sense. User changes thumbnail; anywhere a thumbnail is used, the new thumbnail appears. However, from a user's point of view this is confusing. Clicking on the "new" thumbnail next to the reference representation in the digital object edit screen reveals that the reference image is unchanged - i.e., it looks like one thing (the new thumbnail) but is in fact another (the original image).

Generating a thumbnail just to represent each version of the digital object may not make sense - it may increase storage, and/or code complexity. This behaviour will be noted in the 2.0.0 user manual, so users are aware. For discussion, and so users can find the issue if they want, I've filed this anyways, and temporarily assigned it to 2.1.

See attached screenshot.

refThumbnail-vs-thumbnailRef.png - Note the different filenames for the reference and thumbnail images. (74.3 KB) Dan Gillean, 09/26/2013 01:34 PM


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