Bug #5895

Global search throws 500 error when non-integer string appears in repos parameter

Added by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2.0.1
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1) conduct a global search for "foo" --> the url returned will be: "http://2x.test.artefactual.com/search?query=foo&repos="
2) conduct a search for "foo" restricted to a specific repository --> the url returned will be something like "http://2x.test.artefactual.com/search?query=foo&repos=90954", where the repos parameter represents a value assigned to a specific repository created in AtoM.
3) edit the url to say "http://2x.test.artefactual.com/search?query=foo&repos=xxx"

resulting error
repos parameter is not parsed, user receives a 500 error

expected result
When encountering an unknown number or a parameter that is not an integer, the parameter should be ignored (resulting in a global search) rather than leading to an error.

Note that an error occurs if an integer too large is used as well - for example 6666666666666 will produce a 500 error. Again, any parameter that does not match an existing parameter should be ignored, rather than causing a server error.


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