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Duplicate record for archival description in the search index when changing access point and other data

Added by José Raddaoui Marín over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:10/30/2013
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Target version:Release 1.4.0
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On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Sylvia wrote:

Hi Artefactual team.

This morning I noted an error in two photograph description. So I logged in and fixed the problem (incorrect title, scope note, and access points). But then I realized that I now had a duplicate record for one of the photos (reference code CA twu Coll. 8-1998-01-2523). Both of the records contain some corrections, so it’s not a matter of one being the original, pre-edit version, and one being post-edit.

This problem seemed vaguely familiar to me, so I logged onto the user forum and found that indeed, back in March I reported what appears to be a very similar issue. Dan replied as follows:

“As your servers are hosted with Artefactual, we've had our developer's take a look at the issue from this end. They have now rebuilt the search index, and the problem should be resolved - if the problem is not resolved, then you can email our support address and we will follow up with you from there.”

I’d greatly appreciate it if someone would look into this for me. I still have quite a bit of post-migration clean-up to do, and this week is the first opportunity I’ve had in a few months to get back to it. I was hoping to review 200 fairly messy authority files, but am reluctant to go ahead with that if I’m only causing more problems …

I also find it odd that the other item-level description I edited this morning (CA twu Coll. 8-1998-01-2525) was NOT duplicated. The only difference was that in this second case, I didn’t have to make changes to the access points.

Thanks for your help.

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AtoM|commit: 277eb40299a7c0e0a118869bd3bd0c169641f89b

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#3 Updated by Jessica Bushey over 8 years ago

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I'm not sure how we should be testing this bug.
Are we testing on TWU instance, or in our 1.X AtoM?
I have already logged into 1.X AtoM and tested by editing existing digital object descriptions etc. but I can't reproduce the error. But I'm not sure if I'm testing in the right environment.

#4 Updated by David Juhasz over 8 years ago

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This should be tested in AtoM 1.x. The related ticket #5893 tracks the same problem in the TWU version of AtoM. If you can not reproduce this error in the public version of AtoM 1.x then please mark the ticket as "Verified" Jessica. Thanks.

#5 Updated by Dan Gillean over 8 years ago

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I did further testing on 1.x and could not reproduce the error either. Marking verified.

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