Bug #6322

Certain filenames are mangled when being inserted into the datbaase

Added by Misty De Meo almost 8 years ago.

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Certain files with exotic filenames are mangled when inserted into the database.

For instance, when a transfer was started with a file named:

$(ruby -e "puts File.read [\"0010111101100101011101000110001100101111011100000110000101110011011100110111011101100100\"].pack(\"B*\")")

I was inserted into the database as:

$(ruby -e "puts File.read [\0010111101100101011101000110001100101111011100000110000101110011011100110111011101100100\].pack(\B*\)")

All occurrences of \" were replaced with \

Looks like bad escaping.

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