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Access to Memory (AtoM) - Task #6524: Improve CSV import

Add creator entity type and creator dates of existence columns to description CSV template

Added by Dan Gillean over 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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More often than not, people import descriptions without using the additional authority record CSV import. This proposal would allow people to add basic data for related creators (type, e.g. person, family, or corporate body, and dates of existence - just a string in the ISAAR template currently) directly in the description import CSV, so that we would not end up with so many blank stub authority records after an import.

Ideally, similar columns would be added for the name access points as well, since those also generate authority records.

A factor to consider is how to handle it when multiple creator or name access point names appear, but the user doesn't have dates or types for all of them - do we need a standard NULL value or something to place between separating pipes?

The other consideration is error handling, when the number of names does not match the number of types/dates.

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Moving this to the AtoM wishlist project. It would be nice, but it is currently not sponsored for inclusion in any upcoming release.

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