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Add qubitParentSlug to accessions CSV import to allow accessions import to link to existing descriptions

Added by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2.1.0
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As far as I can tell, there is currently no way to link imported legacy accessions data to existing descriptions in AtoM, which can be especially problematic for users who are migrating systems.

Might it be possible to add a qubitParentSlug column to the accessions CSV import template? The effect of this should be to link the imported accession row data to an existing description in AtoM - that's it. It would not be the same as generating a description from an accession - i.e. if there is a conflict/difference in the data in shared fields such as scope and content, etc, it would NOT be updated in the description upon import.

Filed based on user queries about this in the user forum - see: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/6Eifo0wreyA/9DkeDAUH2GgJ

example2_accession2-1.csv Magnifier (885 Bytes) Dan Gillean, 07/31/2014 10:52 AM


#1 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago

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Pull request from community member Jen Whitney for this issue here: https://github.com/artefactual/atom/pull/28/files

Mike, can you take a look at this code, and if all seems well, merge it to 2.x so I can test? We're going to have to make new CSV samples for our 2.1 release that includes all the new fields, etc.

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Marking QA/Review to update this ticket and draw attention to it - however, the pull request has not yet been merged! Please merge soon, and make sure it is available on 2x.test for testing. Thanks!

#3 Updated by Mike Gale almost 8 years ago

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I've merged this into qa/2.1.x

#4 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago

Tested in 2.x - accession successfully imported; link was present on target description - however, the accession did not appear in the browse list. Import was conducted via the User inteface. I received the following warning when importing, but this seems expected:

Warnings were encountered:
Couldn't find accession # 2014-07-31/40... creating.

Browsing or searching the accessions page does not turn up the imported accession. Further, I checked the Accession counter prior to import - it was at 39. I set my accession number as 2014-07-31/40, but noted that the accession counter did not increment.

Possibly all that needs to happen is the search index needs to be rebuilt? Can someone rebuild on 2x and see if this is the issue?

For internal devs, here is the accession, and the linked description:

Accession: http://2x.test.artefactual.com/2014-07-31-40
Linked description: http://2x.test.artefactual.com/calamy-family-fonds

Also attaching the test CSV file.

#5 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago

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Update: After the search index was rebuilt, the accessions did appear in the browse list. The counter did not increment however. So when I tried to create a new accession (which then added the accession number of 2014-07-31/40) I got a 500 error when trying to save.

However - I think this is a shortcoming of how accessions are imported via CSV, and not as a result of this pull request, which only adds the ability to link to a description. I'm going to verify this issue, and discuss this further with the developers - may open other issues as needed.

Will add notes to the 2.1 documentation about this - specifically, about the need to a) repopulate the search index after an import, and b) manually update the accessions counter, if needed.

Jen, thanks again for this pull request!

#6 Updated by Dan Gillean almost 8 years ago

Related issue reproduced during this testing (and documented in another issue ticket): #6751

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