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Improve Elasticsearch error messaging in AtoM

Added by Gioele Barabucci almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Whenever I try to browse the "Archival descriptions" or "Authority records", AtoM crashes with a "500 Internal Server Error". The error log shows only a lonely

[Wed Jun 04 12:09:45 2014] [error] No enabled connection, referer: http://localhost:8080/atom-2.x/index.php/

The "No enabled connection" points to some problems with the ElasticSearch index. However there is not information at all about the exception that caused that error.

AtoM should log also the details of the exception that caused that error. Without any information about what went wrong it is not possible to understand and fix the problem.


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Hi Gioele,

Thanks for this. I understand that there are two things going on here: 1) you are having issues with your installation, and 2) you'd like to to see more verbose error messages from ES that would help you diagnose the problem.

For 1), I encourage you to post in our User forum - that way, any suggestions we provide will be available to all our users, and other users who have solved similar problems can offer their suggestions as well. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ica-atom-users

For 2), I have changed the title of your issue ticket, and marked it as a feature request. I agree that it would be helpful to provide more verbose error messaging.

What would you suggest?
"AtoM cannot reach Elasticsearch - no enabled connection at [URL]" <--- this isn't very different, but at least it suggests that the source of the problem is Elastic search. What details do you think should be included in the exception?

If you are a developer, we invite you to submit a pull request with improvements to our github repository

Thanks again!

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Moved to AtoM wishlist until sponsored for inclusion.

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