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First information area should default to open when clicking edit button or creating a new record

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Suggested by a user in the Forum, 2014-08-20: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/SZDfl1N7ndI/R9jCpMYr9g0J

Something that occurred to me as I watched my colleague edit and update records in AtoM...

She is going through a large and complex catalogue and mostly just editing extents and dates for each element of the hierarchy. It would speed things up for her if the 'identity area' was open by default when she goes into the edit screen as there would be no need to click again to open that up.

Is there a way to configure the system to enable this as by default, all of the areas are closed until you click on them?

Users should still be able to enter edit mode in a specific area by clicking on the information area heading. Opening the first area (typically the "Identity area" in many of the standards templates) on the creation of a new record would certainly speed up the process - many of the standard's required fields (e.g. title, identifier, etc) are found in this area. It may be desirable to repeat this behavior when entering edit mode via the "Edit" button as well - I will see if anyone has a strong argument against this in the user forum, otherwise I propose the fix for edit mode be included in this issue as well as create.

A similar approach could be applied to all core entity templates in AtoM (authority records, accession records, functions, archival institutions, etc).


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