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Consider ability to change UUID to pipeline

Added by Sarah Romkey over 7 years ago.

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Have created this as a task for analysis before we create tickets for work. From this discussion on the user forum:

"This issue sparked some internal discussion about how we think the Storage Service should behave in these situations.
We would not consider it good practice to apply a new UUID for an existing pipeline the storage service. The METS file currently does not store the UUID of the pipeline that an AIP was processed through, which we could consider for a future development. In the meantime, it seems like it would be best practice to maintain "old" pipelines even when they are not in use any longer, and then use new a new pipeline with the corresponding new UUID from Archivematica to continue processing. Our reasons for this recommendation are:

1. There will be scenarios where institutions have multiple pipelines going at one time to accommodate different processing configurations, and if they start to get renamed it may be hard to know what configuration was used for which AIPs. Further, it would be good practice for the institution to maintain a record outside of Archivematica of what pipeline UUIDs are used for what kind of processing.

2. It wouldn't be great for users to head in to the storage service and change the UUID of a pipeline for no particular reason. This is a policy issue for institutions to manage but we feel it's opening the doors to potential mishandling."

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