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Update Xena

Added by Evelyn McLellan over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Target version:Release 0.6
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Xena 5.0 released: http://xena.sourceforge.net/download.php

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#1 Updated by Evelyn McLellan over 10 years ago

Xena changelog:

New Features

  • Updated license to GPL version 3 (included in COPYING.txt).
  • Ability to create raw text versions of document formats.
  • Integration with tesseract OCR.
  • Windows version released with automated installer.
  • Normaliser for harvested websites.
  • Guesser for ODF, already open format so binary normalise only.
  • Advanced Magic Guesser.
  • Image Magick Guesser using external convert program.
  • Support for audio files in OGG container format using Vorbis, FLAC or Speex codecs.
  • Improved MP3 guesser.
  • Support for more image formats.
  • Major internal refactoring of external libraries used.
  • Libraries now updated and built from source.
  • Using a new charset detection library.
  • Ability to preserve directory structures.
  • Ability to handle files normalised with previous versions of Xena.
  • Automatically configure output and log directories.

Bug Fixes

  • Closing streams properly after normalisation.
  • Changed CVS mime type.
  • Changed magic number for jar files.
  • Fixed instances where Xena is unable to find OpenOffice.org.
  • Fixed issues with attachment name case.
  • Fixed problem with HTML documents with no HTML or HEAD tags.
  • Ensure that HTML exports conform to the XHTML standard.
  • Fixed problem with guessing empty files.
  • Clear the Xena Base Path from previous runs before starting normalisation.
  • Fixed bug in changing chunk pages in Raw XML view.
  • XML comments are now being normalised correctly.

#2 Updated by Austin Trask over 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Verified

xena 5.0 was added in r66.

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