Bug #727

Normalized audio files do not play

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Though wav and mp3 audio files go through the normalization process properly, when I try to play
them in the Xena viewer, there isn't any sound. I can start and stop the playback at will, but nothing
is heard. This was thought to be due to lack of FLAC support, but since FLAC is supported, it must
obviously be some other problem.

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#1 Updated by Evelyn McLellan over 10 years ago

  • Target version set to Release 0.6

The files will play back if the user opens Xena viewer, exports the normalized audio
file, then opens the resulting FLAC file. I will find out if this is expected Xena
behaviour but I suspect that it is.

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#2 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

You can play audio in the Xena viewer, but to do so, the audio.jar needs to be in the
classpath when you start Xena. For example:

java -cp xena.jar;plugins/audio.jar au.gov.naa.digipres.xena.litegui.LiteMainFrame

More info on the Xena wiki:

#3 Updated by Evelyn McLellan about 10 years ago

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As of 0.6 we no longer use Xena to normalize or play audio files.

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