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command-line Xena

Added by Peter Van Garderen over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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run Xena from command-line

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#1 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Yes, Xena can be run from the command line. See the Xena wiki:


If you need to do more than that, please let us know.

#2 Updated by Austin Trask over 10 years ago

Thanks Mike! Im not extremely familiar with Java usage, however our goal with this
issue requires usage in its entirety from the command line. I have begun to read the
Xena API documentation thinking that is what I would need to tackle this issue. We
would like to specify all options that are currently set in the gui via the command
line. for example.. we would like to have a program that could handle multiple options

-c configuration file
-i input file directory/single file
-o normalized output destination
-flac location of flac exe
-liboo location of OpenOffice.org lib
-l log location
-v verbosity?
-z other options?

once we can call Xena in this manor we can tie it into automatic processes. Right
now we run fits as part of the accession after quarantine. After which the user
manually runs the Xena gui to get normalized formats of the SIP. With a cli
interface we can script fits and Xena to run together as part of a process thus
reducing the archivist's mouse clicks.

#3 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Hi Austin.

This much is already in xena:

java -jar xena.jar --help
usage: xena
-f,--file <arg> Input files
-h,--help Print usage information
-o,--outputDirectory <arg> Output directory
-p,--pluginsDirectory <arg> Path to plugins directory

A config file might be a good idea though.

#4 Updated by Austin Trask over 10 years ago

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thanks for your help! I had been under the impression that this was not possible.
Marking as invalid.

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