Bug #7696

RAD - duplicated descriptions require 2 attempts to remove notes

Added by Dan Gillean almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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To reproduce

  • Create a description or edit an existing one. Use RAD template
  • Add several other title notes (e.g. source of title proper, variations in title, attributions and conjectures, etc)
  • Add several other RAD notes in the Notes area (e.g. general note, accompanying material, physical description, etc)
  • Save description, and then duplicate.
  • In edit template of duplicate, change name, add identifier, and then attempt to remove all notes from the duplicate. Save.

Resulting error

  • Notes deleted from duplicate description prior to first save still appear in view template after save.
  • User must manually re-enter edit template and remove notes for a second time

Expected outcome

  • User can remove notes from duplicated description on first attempt, prior to saving the new (duplicated) description.

I've noted that there are some old issues which involved issues with duplicated records. In case looking at the causes and fixes for those helps, they in include #6802, #3913, #3280

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