Feature #7723

Modify finding aid XSLT to produce reports which include full metadata for all levels of description, including file and item-level descriptions

Added by José Raddaoui Marín over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:11/05/2014
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Category:ReportsEstimated time:80.00 hours
Target version:Release 2.2.0
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With #7462, the ability to generate a full PDF finding aid from the EAD export will be introduced in AtoM 2.2. This Finding aid, which will be styled for human readability and will appear similar to traditional paper-based archival finding aids, can be generated asynchronously in the background by an administrator, and then made available at the parent (e.g. fonds; collection; etc) level for public download.

In #7462, lower-level descriptions such as files and items are presented in an inventory list - e.g. a summary table that only includes key information such as title, identifier, level of description, etc.

With this feature, users will be given a second style sheet and an option in the settings page to choose between them. This second style sheet will include full output at lower levels, instead of just summary information.

Related development includes a re-design of the settings page (in #7722), as well as the ability to choose from 2 different output options for the finding aid - PDF or RTF (covered in #7615)

Related issues

Related to Access to Memory (AtoM) - Feature #7615: Generate reports in modifiable format (.rtf) Verified 11/05/2014


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The same as #7754 and #7822, this needs a redeploy of the test site:

Site: http://qa-22x.test.artefactual.com/
Git repo: atom.git
Git branch: qa/2.2.x

The AtoM worker needs to be restarted and the search index needs to be rebuilt.

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Hi Sarah,

Have you already, or are you the best person to confirm this feature has been fixed (now deployed to http://qa-22x.test.artefactual.com/ site)?

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Hi David,

I might be the best person to confirm this, as I did the testing for the client-sponsored feature, though Sarah is definitely capable of verifying this as well. To my knowledge it has not yet been tested and verified in 2.2. I likely won't have the time to test this thoroughly until I'm returned, so if this is time-sensitive at all, Sarah should probably test when she has time. Everything was verified for the client on a custom test site, but some further testing should be done to ensure that it all works as expected now that it has been integrated with the main development branch and the previously-sponsored work on finding aid generation.

Thanks for updating the site so it can be tested and verified soon!

In terms of documenting this feature, this, along with the features added in #7462, will require a new section added to the 2.2 user manual, with relevant sections added for the jobs page, a new section in the admin settings page for this feature, and how to use it in the archival description section of the manual.

#10 Updated by Sarah Romkey about 7 years ago

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Marking as verified- I am able to switch between the full and summary options, and re-generate the finding aids when the setting is changed.

On a related note, if the setting is changed from PDF to RTF or vice versa, the finding aid status will become "Missing" and need to be re-generated at that point.

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Editing description to indicate that #7615 has changed, and that TXT format will no longer be included.

Also available in: Atom PDF