Task #7727

Add criteria specification to EAC export

Added by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:12/17/2014
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Category:EAC - Import/Export
Target version:Release 2.2.0
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Right now, a little-known and hardly used CLI task does exist for performing bulk exports of EAC-CPF authority records - but its implementation is very different than the existing, and much more robust, bulk export task for EAD.

With this task, the strategy is to move the EAC export task code in with the main bulk export, or make a parent class for them both, to re-use the criteria specification functionality of the main bulk export. Needed for a migration.


#1 Updated by Dan Gillean over 7 years ago

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Once this is implemented, this will require updates to the bulk export documentation - found here in the 2.1 manual:

#3 Updated by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago

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Working now in dev/issue-7727-bulk-export-cleanup branch.

#4 Updated by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago

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#5 Updated by Dan Gillean over 7 years ago

Mike, can you add minimal documentation on this issue ticket, for me to use when I update the public docs? E.g. how do I call this option to export EAC in the export task?

#6 Updated by Mike Cantelon over 7 years ago

It now works exactly like the standard bulk export command so we can either duplicate that or point the reader to that section. Some examples:

./symfony export:auth-recs --criteria='i.repository_id=18305' UVIC-EAC
./symfony export:auth-recs --single-id=68316 UVIC-EAC

#7 Updated by Dan Gillean about 7 years ago

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Documentation added to 2.2 branch as a sub-heading under the Bulk Export section.

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