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Should it be /var/archivematica/storage_service or /var/archivematica/storage-service?

Added by Robin Taylor over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I encountered an error when installing Archivematica onto a virgin Ubunto 14.04 box. When running 'sudo apt-get install archivematica-storage-service' I got the following error....

updating directory permissions
chown: cannot access ‘/var/archivematica/storage_service’: No such file or directory

At that point in time there did appear to be a file called /var/archivematica/storage-service (with a hyphen), but no storage_service.

After completing all the installation steps I could then see storage-service and storage_service, but storage_service was empty.

Looks like there may be one or more typos in the installation process.

Thanks, Robin.


#1 Updated by Robin Taylor over 6 years ago

s/Ubunto/Ubuntu/ :)

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