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Add 4 new columns to Accessions CSV import template to allow for creation date imports

Added by Dan Gillean about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Category:CSV import
Target version:Release 2.2.0
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4 new columns should be added to the accessions CSV import template, to allow for import of the new fields added in #7764:

  • creationDates
  • creationDatesStart
  • creationDatesEnd
  • creationDatesType

These should work in a similar fashion to the columns in the ISAD and RAD CSV templates for dates. One notable (minor) difference is that in those templates, the fields are labeled as creatorDates, creatorDatesStart, etc. This has always been confusing for end users (as it is distinct from the dates of existence for a creator), and in fact there is a public ticket to correct it at #6526. Because of this, I'm proposing we label them properly now.

In the ISAD/RAD CSV's here are some notes on the behavior that should also be found here:

  • fields can have multiple values, separated by the pipe | character
  • creationDates maps to the display date field
  • creationDatesStart maps to the startDate field - (AtoM expects ISO formatted dates for this, but I don't think we are enforcing that)
  • creationDatesEng maps to the endDate field (same as above)
  • creationDatesType maps to whether or not the date is Creation or Accumulation. It turns out this is NOT currently in the ISAD/RAD csv's, so if adding it is a problem, let me know. This field should map to the "Event types" taxonomy, which populates the drop-down field in AtoM.
  • if creationDatesType is possible, it should try to match on existing terms without being case sensitive. it should be able to make a new term if no match is found, rather than causing the import to fail.

I'm attaching a CSV sample that has the new columns added, with sample data, for reference. I will likely use this to test after, FYI.

example_accession-v2-2.csv Magnifier - sample file with new fields added (1.64 KB) Dan Gillean, 01/30/2015 05:31 PM


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