Bug #9518

Search index not updated when deleting digital object

Added by Mike Gale about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:03/02/2016
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Category:Digital object
Target version:Release 2.3.0
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The ES index isn't being updated when we delete digital objects from information objects (but not the info object itself).

To reproduce:
  1. Create an information object and attach a digital object to it
  2. Confirm the digital object is listed under browse->digital objects
  3. Edit the information object's digital object
  4. Click delete, to delete the digital object

Result: If you go to browse -> digital objects, the record is still listed there with a generic thumbnail.
Expected result: The record should no longer be listed under browse->digital objects

0001-Update-ES-index-on-digital-obj-delete-refs-9518.patch Magnifier (970 Bytes) Mike Gale, 03/02/2016 02:54 PM


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Working as expected!

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