Feature #9565

Include source note value from subject, place, and genre taxonomies in controlaccess elements included in EAD export and import

Added by Dan Gillean about 6 years ago.

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EAD 2002 supports the inclusion of a @source attribute in the elements allowed inside <controlaccess>:

From the general attributes description: (www.loc.gov/ead/tglib/att_gen.html)

SOURCE -- The source of the controlled vocabulary term contained in the element. Available in subelements of <controlaccess>, i.e., <corpname>, <famname>, <function>, <genreform>, <geogname>, <name>, <occupation>, <persname>, <physdesc>, <subject>, and <title>.

The Atom taxonomy edit page includes a field for source note. Many users populate this field with either the name of the source vocabulary, or a URL to the authoritative term from source vocabulary.

This feature request would make it so that:
  • When source note values have been added on Genre, Place, and Subject access points, that value is added to the @source attribute of the <controlaccess> subelement on EAD export.
  • When importing EAD, @source values on <controlaccess> subelements (genre, place, subject) should populate the source note field of the new term created in the relevant taxonomy.

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