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Events CSV imports will not show in user interface without further manual edits

Added by Sara Allain over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Attempting to import a CSV of the type Event throws the following error:

Warnings were encountered:
ERROR: object 1236 not found.
.Import complete.
Good subjects: 1
Bad subjects: 0
Good objects: 0
Bad objects: 1

See attached CSV.

event-import.csv Magnifier (68 Bytes) Sara Allain, 04/01/2016 05:03 PM


#1 Updated by Sara Allain over 4 years ago

  • Blocks Bug #9459: Term duplication in CSV import added

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#3 Updated by Mike Gale over 4 years ago

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You need to ensure the legacyId for the target record has been previously imported via csv:import for it to match. Also, the eventTypes column should just be eventType (singular). In my tests the task is working if you ensure these 2 things.

That being said, this task could be massively improved (maybe attaching events by slug or information object id). But that's another issue# :)

#4 Updated by Sara Allain almost 4 years ago

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Making a note to add Mike's info to the documentation, as this issue just came up for me again and I'd completely forgotten what happened 6 months ago.

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Added info to docs.

#7 Updated by Dan Gillean over 3 years ago

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Re-naming and reopening this ticket after some additional testing.

Additional info:

Our current CSV example for events uses data that doesn't match the existing event types - e.g. types are "publication", "creation", etc - and they are given a display note for use in the side bar: "Publisher" in the display note will then show as "Publisher of" in the related actor record's sidebar, and as a qualifier next to the Name access points.

In our CSV Events example we include "Edited" and "Published" as the examples. These should be updated.

Also, these events will not show up in the user interface unless you do the following:

1) Find the new event types created on import, and give them the proper display note:

  • Publication would get a Display note of "Publisher"
  • Manufacturing would get a Display note of "Manufacturer"
  • Editing would get a Display note of "Editor", etc

2) Navigate to the related actor record, enter edit mode, and in the Relationships area, add dates for the new events. Without doing this, the edit template is the only place these relationships are currently visible.

After doing steps 1 and 2, you can now see the events in the related Date(s) area of the archival description, in the related Actor sidebar, and in the Access points area of the description. Without this manual intervention, the relationships are created in the database but nothing shows in the user interface.

To repair this, I propose the following fields be added to the Events CSV:

  • eventDates
  • eventDatesStart
  • eventDatesEnd
  • displayNote
  • qubitParentSlug (to be used in place of the original legacyID of the description, which might not always be known)

We might also want to consider adding something like eventActorRepository, since an Actor can now be linked to a Repository, and this is used in actor matching during CSV imports.

Finally, we also need to update the CSV Events example template.

#8 Updated by Dan Gillean over 3 years ago

I'm adding a warning about this with a link to this issue ticket in the 2.4 CSV import documentation. Leaving the "Requires documentation" flag set to "yes" on this ticket, so we remember to remove this warning (in both the user-interface import docs, and in the cli-tools page for Events CSV imports) if and when we fix and improve this task.

#9 Updated by Dan Gillean about 3 years ago

  • Blocks deleted (Bug #9459: Term duplication in CSV import)

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