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Adjust MODS import/export mapping for digital object

Added by Tim Hutchinson about 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:VerifiedStart date:05/12/2016
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Category:XML import / export
Target version:Release 2.5.0
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Currently, the MODS import/export routines use url/@usage="primary display" to capture the image/digital object location. Based on the mapping I provided :)

I've recently been looking into the <url> element, and it turns out a more appropriate mapping would be:

From the guidelines:
Best practice is that the "primary display" URL is a link to the resource with its contextual material (for example metadata, navigation to the collection homepage). If the primary link to a resource is to a stand-alone version of the resource (such as a JPEG image only), an end user will have no context except for the metadata on the service provider's site. At a minimum, the URL should point to a page that contains the resource and a navigation bar that allows users to reach the collection homepage. It is highly desirable that this page also include the descriptive metadata for the resource.

electronicLocator is identified as a copy-specific form of <location><url>, without its attributes.

Short of this change, for <url>, the guidelines (first link above) recommend using the attribute value "primary" instead of "primary display":

primary display – Indicates that the link is the most appropriate to display for end users.
primary – Added for consistency when usage was defined for several other elements. This value has the same definition as "primary display". The intent is that "primary display" will be depricated in favor of "primary" in a future MODS version. Use of " primary" instead of "primary display" is therefore recommended in this attribute.


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Hi Radda, passing this to you for CR.

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Merged into qa/2.5.x for QA.

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Verified replacement of'primary display' element with 'electronicLocator' in the MODS import/export mapping for a digital object in local qa/2.5.x environment.

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