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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee
1754FeatureNewMediumShow selection once selection has been made from dropdown.Mike Cantelon
2430BugFeedbackMediumMax reference image width ignored
2471FeatureNewMediumAdd RAD GMD qualifiersPeter Van Garderen
2792BugNewMediumCan't translate some user interface elements or default content
2799FeatureNewMediumAllow accent insensitive searches on accented characters
2862FeatureNewMediumMerge imported files to existing records
3095FeatureNewMediumNatural sort for mixed alphanumeric identifiers
3250FeatureNewMediumCan't export multilingual descriptions
3551FeatureNewMediumAdd ability to sort when uploading digital objects
3618FeatureIn progressMediumUse events table for definining "dates of existence"José Raddaoui Marín
3661BugNewMediumQubitObject -> transient objects issue
3667BugNewMediumTranslator group should include default view draft setting
3814BugNewMediumCan select narrow term as broad term or related term
3825BugNewMediumContributor can open Term create page
3856FeatureNewMediumImplement RESTful web services to interact with Qubit programatically
3867BugNewMediumRemove authority record dates of existence from information object show page
3878BugNewMediumOption to add new terms available to contributors w/ default permissions
3913BugNewMediumDuplicated RAD descriptions won't allow events (dates, etc) to be edited
3950FeatureNewMediumUpdate FluentDOM
3958BugNewMediumSearch within a collection/information object
3990FeatureNewMediumAdd thumbnails to search results for imported digital objectsTim Hutchinson
4007BugNewMediumAuthority record very slow to load if "creator of" many descriptions
4021FeatureNewMediumImplement rights notes as a multi-value field
4027BugNewMediumReference code not inheriting values properly
4042BugNewMediumAttach digital objects to authority records

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