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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee
4042BugNewMediumAttach digital objects to authority records
4043FeatureNewMediumIn ISAAR "Related corporate bodies, persons or families" dialog allow creating new entities
4071BugNewMediumNon-working link in ISDIAH validation warning
4077BugNewMediumRelationships not saved when creating function
4078BugNewMediumIn ISDF related functions dialogue box, Authorized form of name auto-complete list shows only first function created
4079BugNewMediumAuto-complete list in authorized form of name in function/actor relationships not in alphabetical order
4083BugNewMediumAccession record not linked to repository
4115FeatureNewMediumACL permission based on rights. Permission would match the rights taxonomy.
4122BugNewMediumGlobal search and replace "and/or" criteria is confusing
4123BugNewMediumWhen editing creation event, creator name disappears from edit template
4127BugNewMediumWhen moving information objects, list of objects to be moved appears in search results
4128FeatureNewMediumMake column titles in printed reports customizable
4130BugNewMediumAdvanced search labels unaligned with title bar
4132FeatureNewMediumNo way to restrict groups or individual users with log-in privileges to access accessions, manage accessions, donors and rights.
4137BugNewMediumAdding a related corporate body, person or family "Authorized form of Name" that is not in the system/drop-down list will not save.
4153FeatureNewMediumLink physical storage to institutions
4158BugNewMediumFatal error for "link digital object" when using an invalid URL
4163BugNewMediumIn edit template the Add New hyperlink is in English ONLY, in rights and donor dialogs the "submit" and "cancel" button are in English ONLY.José Raddaoui Marín
4166BugNewMediumPhysical storage does not show hierarchical identifiers (e.g., fonds, series, file, item)
4170BugNewMediumDeleting a repository which is linked from acl page breaks the acl edit page
4173BugNewMediumIn a SWORD deposit if Ghostscript segfaults the package is not processed at all
4177FeatureNewMediumRights Info in Search Index
4178FeatureNewMediumLimit global search and replace to specific descriptions (and descendants)
4187BugNewMediumScroll jumps on screen to an incorrect position when using local anchors (location hash)
4188BugNewMediumDates of Creation - Actor Name drop-down list automatically opens and obscures other data entry fields

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