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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee
13614FeatureNewMediumTask to display/query configuration
13613BugNewMediumUpdating visible elements adds a "_csrf_token" setting to the database
13608BugCode ReviewHighRegression: Default AND operator no longer working as expected in combining search terms from different fieldsDavid Juhasz
13606BugNewMediumAtoM ignores EXIF orientation metadata when generating derivatives
13605FeatureNewMediumAdd a --batch-size option to the Regenerate Derivatives task
13604FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd task to get/set settings
13603BugNewMediumNo option to delete or regenerate finding aid given in UI when previous attempt results in corrupted PDF
13602FeatureNewMediumAllow users to export all terms in a taxonomy (SKOS)
13601BugNewMediumCannot add opening or closing parentheses to search query via global search box with Chrome or FirefoxDan Gillean
13599BugQA/ReviewLowGet rid of need for separate MySQL configuraton for CSV transformation class
13595BugNewMediumAdvanced search Finding Aid filter doesn't find descriptions with Finding Aids
13594FeatureNewMediumDelete broken global search and replace code
13582BugNewMediumCSV import matches wrong archival descriptions when using 'match and update' mode
13581BugNewMediumES index update jobs frequently run when not needed.
13580BugNewMediumTerms i18n - Use for label translations will not display on view pages; adding separate secondary culture UF label can delete source culture UF label
13566BugNewMediumFinding aid generation: publication status should not be included when generating as public user
13565FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd custom sort order logic support to CSV transformation classesMike Cantelon
13562BugNewMediumPlace terms added via Events dialogue do not show up in term view page browse results
13560BugNewMedium'Allowed languages for translation' user permission settings do not work
13557FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd ability to set arbitrary levels of description in CSV transformation class
13555FeatureNewMediumFeature enhancement: make the behavior of the institutional scoping more consistent and widely supported
13554BugNewMediumCopyright status filter returns results that have Rights without a Copyright basis
13548BugNewLowCannot import 0 as identifier or display it in the treeview
13546FeatureNewLowData summary CLI task
13542BugNewMediumApplying the copyright pop-up warning to a locally uploaded PDF removes access to thumb and access deriv for public users

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