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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee
1277BugNewLowDescriptions for micro services should be dynamically received form the MCP server.Mike Cantelon
1519FeatureNewLowField validation in rights edit templatesMike Cantelon
1537FeatureNewLowManagement of persistent MCP metadata needed for statistical reportsMike Cantelon
1586FeatureNewLowSynchronize metadata updates in access systems to AIP
1826TaskNewLowSort order of tasksMike Cantelon
1889FeatureNewLowAdd underscores and periods as tokenizers to value list in ElasticSearchMike Cantelon
1910FeatureFeedbackLowUpload submission documentation during transfer uploadMike Cantelon
1929FeatureFeedbackLowAdd ability to generate "pass/fail" reports Mike Cantelon
2021FeatureNewLowForgotten Passwords
2023FeatureNewLownew user welcome email
2033FeatureNewLowGooglemaps link Repository profilePeter Van Garderen
2049FeatureNewLowremote digital object storage (eg. Amazon S3, .Mac)
2051FeatureNewLowlinking information object/actors to Places (+ searchable date ranges)
2056FeatureNewLowupload (and search) the full text of textual documents or transcriptions of audio/video documents
2060FeatureNewLowchecksum generation for uploaded and imported files, and record this information so it can be used later
2066FeatureNewLownavigation history plugin
2082FeatureNewLowextent & medium / date range helper displays (at collection level)
2085FeatureNewLowUI for editing / import dynamic metadata element set
2089FeatureNewLowMETS XML import/exportPeter Van Garderen
2090FeatureNewLowDevelop local/custom templates from simple config
2101FeatureNewLowMetadata & object versioning / auditing
2120FeatureNewLowSaved searches across sessions
2121FeatureNewLowSearch-within-search -- sorted & filter by relevance; date; place; file type
2128FeatureNewLowget() inherited value fallback
2149FeatureNewLowadd back-up task to Admin menu

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