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1010BugNewHighDIP fails to upload if any filenames are missing file extensionsSarah Romkey
2988BugNewHighAutocomplete "add new" related object behaviour breaks if form submitted too fast
4318BugNewHighSearch person/organization hit count error
5724BugNewHighFirefox browser has problem uploading digital objects with password protected sites
5783BugNewHighGroup deny permissions for viewing descriptions and reference images by archival institution not workingJosé Raddaoui Marín
6003BugNewHighDACS Technical access field doesn't roundtrip (EAD export/import)
6316BugNewHighSetting default language other than English doesn't stick
7114BugNewHighEnsure that dates are stored as UTC in Elasticsearch
7459BugNewHighTerm page times out when the form is submitted
13397BugNewHighPHP 7.3 causes atom-worker to crash periodically
13482BugNewHighPassword changing does't work
13608BugCode ReviewHighRegression: Default AND operator no longer working as expected in combining search terms from different fieldsDavid Juhasz
2430BugFeedbackMediumMax reference image width ignored
2792BugNewMediumCan't translate some user interface elements or default content
3661BugNewMediumQubitObject -> transient objects issue
3667BugNewMediumTranslator group should include default view draft setting
3814BugNewMediumCan select narrow term as broad term or related term
3825BugNewMediumContributor can open Term create page
3867BugNewMediumRemove authority record dates of existence from information object show page
3878BugNewMediumOption to add new terms available to contributors w/ default permissions
3913BugNewMediumDuplicated RAD descriptions won't allow events (dates, etc) to be edited
3958BugNewMediumSearch within a collection/information object
4007BugNewMediumAuthority record very slow to load if "creator of" many descriptions
4027BugNewMediumReference code not inheriting values properly
4042BugNewMediumAttach digital objects to authority records

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