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12520Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumTerm index page shows all child terms without pagingTaxonomy / TermNo10/17/2018
12507ArchivematicaTaskNewMediumRegression testing for AM 1.8 releaseNo10/15/2018
12484Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedLowRemove appraisal column from example RAD CSV templateAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CSV importNo10/03/2018
12471Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewLowHovering over a truncated facet filter doesn't show the full name in simple label tooltipNo09/27/2018
12467Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumCSV import creates duplicate dates when using old 2.1/2.2 column heading namesAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1CSV importYes09/26/2018
12460Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumDeleting deaccession record removes related accession record from manage accession listAccessionsNo09/24/2018
12459Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumLocation and Type cannot be searched in the physical storage modulePhysical storageNo09/24/2018
12440Access to Memory (AtoM)BugInvalidMediumPublication status ignored in CSV imports performed via the User interface; default publication status used for all descriptionsCSV importNo09/17/2018
12434Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumAdding new terms to Rights Basis taxonomy and then updating corresponding permission settings results in Error 500Access to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1RightsNo09/13/2018
12429Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumphing i18n-cleanup halts with error if any plugins don't have an i18n subdirectoryAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0I18NNo09/09/2018
12420Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumQubitMigrate bump functions can collide with other resourcesAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Migration taskNo09/06/2018
12385Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumButton to remove search when browsing places, subjects, not working in French, SpanishSearch / BrowseNo08/14/2018
12367Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumDefault LOD "record group" does not use recommended level attribute of recordgrp in EAD exportsEADNo08/08/2018
12365AtoM WishlistFeatureNewMediumAllow more customization options for reference code separator settingsNo08/03/2018
12357Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumChanges to reference code separator are not shown in search/browse resultsAdministration / settingsNo07/31/2018
12322Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumRepository names should not appear in actor autocompletesAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0ActorNo07/12/2018
12319Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedHighRights acts do not display; actionable rights are not being enforced for public usersAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1RightsNo07/11/2018
12281AtoM WishlistFeatureNewMediumCSV import roundtrip featureNo06/19/201820.00
12272Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumOAI response uses cached XML files even when cache setting is turned offAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1OAI-PMHNo06/15/2018
12246Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumDACS template displays warning about missing repository when repo name is inherited; will not allow a repository to be manually added at lower levelsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1Form validationNo05/31/2018
12186Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumSearching for titles with stop words will not give resultsNo05/03/2018
12180Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureVerifiedMediumAdd public cookie and notification banner and policy page to AtoMAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.4.1Standards complianceNo05/01/2018
12179Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumFix sort order in treeviewAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0TreeviewNo04/30/2018
12172Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskVerifiedMediumAdd additional fields to AtoM EAD import and exportAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0EADYes03/13/201824.00
12168Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureVerifiedMediumAdd option to hide login button to Admin optionsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0UsabilityNo04/25/2018

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