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13401Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewLowMETS format information from DIP upload is not displayedNo08/04/2020
13399Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumCopyright pop-up cannot be disabledAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0Digital objectNo07/29/2020
13398Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumreset-password CLI task --activate option not working as expectedAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.2CLI toolsNo07/28/20200.50
13397Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewHighPHP 7.3 causes atom-worker to crash periodicallyNo07/27/2020
13396Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumAtoM does not remove transfer packages after DIP uploadArchivematica integrationNo07/27/2020
13395Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumInclude digital objects in clipboard exportsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0ClipboardYes07/25/2020
13393Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumEditing your own user account sets the account to inactive on save; boots out userAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.2User managementNo07/22/2020
13392Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumAddress legacy code and create schema migration for data still associating Rights statements with digital objectsRightsNo07/21/2020
13391Access to Memory (AtoM)BugQA/ReviewMediumActor relationship search index update job is missing dataAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0Search / BrowseNo07/21/2020
13390Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumUpgrade nodejs and lessc support in AtoMNo07/20/2020
13387Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewHighNeed to re-index after rebuilding nested set isn't documentedAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0No07/16/2020
13386Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumRemove unnecessary data from Elasticsearch index and reduce unnecessary re-index operationsSearch / BrowseNo06/21/2019
13385Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumImprove performance and reduce deadlocks on import processesPerformance / scalabilityNo07/16/2020
13384Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumReduce memory usage on nested set build taskAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.2Performance / scalabilityNo07/16/2020
13382Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumClipboard save message strings are not currently translatableAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.2I18NNo07/13/2020
13374Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumProblem: Cannot change user to inactiveAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Administration / settingsNo06/29/2020
13372Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedLowPhysical storage report: Cancel button on configuration page does not return user to Storage browse pageAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Physical storageNo06/29/2020
13371Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedHighCan't delete some browse menu nodes (subjects and digital objects)Access to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Menu / navigationYes06/29/2020
13368Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureCode ReviewLowAdd CLI option to migration task to run individual migrationsAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0Migration taskNo06/25/2020
13367Access to Memory (AtoM)BugNewMediumRestricting access to one DO in a carousel breaks access to parent collectionAccess ControlNo06/25/2020
13366Access to Memory (AtoM)BugQA/ReviewMediumA single value autocomplete field creates a new iframe whenever it loses focusAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.2AJAXNo06/23/2020
13365Access to Memory (AtoM)BugVerifiedMediumSQL error upgrading AtoM demo data to AtoM 2.6Access to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Migration taskNo06/23/2020
13362Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskVerifiedMediumMove analyze table calls to the end of the upgrade process for 2.6Access to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Migration taskNo06/17/2020
13361Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd option to cache:xml-representations task to export only EAD or DC XMLAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.7.0CLI toolsYes06/16/2020
13360Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskNewMediumInvestigate alternatives to the default transaction isolation levelInternalsNo06/15/2020

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