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12903Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd new option to DO regen-derivatives CLI task to allow regenerating only vido file derivatives to mp4 filesAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0CLI toolsYes03/19/20198.00
12902Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumIntegrate MediaElement Player into AtoM and update default video derivative generationAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.6.0Digital objectYes03/19/201948.00
12840Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd ability for digital object load task to discard master DO after derivative creationMichelle CurranAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CLI toolsYes01/17/201920.00
12800Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd JSON-LD export of AtoM clipboard itemsClipboardYes02/08/201950.00
12799Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd donorNotes column to CSV import for AcessionsCSV importYes02/08/20198.00
12798Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd Visible elements module for DACS information area headingsAdministration / settingsYes02/08/201915.00
12797Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumMake "Browse digital objects" context menu link on description view page context sensitiveSearch / BrowseYes02/08/20194.00
12651Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureIn progressMediumAdd an advanced search interface for authority recordsMike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0ActorYes11/27/2018128.00
12650Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd the ability to upload a single digital object to an authority record and supplement search/browse result stubs for authority records with thumbnails and history snippetsDan GilleanAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0ActorYes11/27/201884.00
12646Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureIn progressMediumAdd new command-line task to delete any Physical storage locations not linked to any descriptionsMike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CLI toolsYes12/18/2018
12618Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumAdd new physical object normalization command-line task to merge duplicate containersMike CantelonAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Physical storageYes12/06/2018
12209Access to Memory (AtoM)TaskDocumentMediumAdd Google Analytics custom dimension for institution namesSara AllainAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0SEOYes03/29/2018
12149Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumConvert existing AtoM data to Parsedown syntaxDan GilleanAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CLI toolsYes03/13/201824.00
12148Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd Markdown support to AtoMDan GilleanAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0CSS/HTMLYes03/13/201844.00
12130Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumAdd new archival description audit logMichelle CurranAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Information objectYes03/29/2018107.00
12115Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureQA/ReviewMediumCalculate accumulated datesMichelle CurranAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0Information objectYes03/29/201892.00
11761Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewMediumUpdate slug generation rules include a more permissive optionAccess to Memory (AtoM) - Release 2.5.0RoutingYes12/01/201780.00
11070ArchivematicaFeatureQA/ReviewMediumMake normalization commands copy original to DIP if no derivative createdArchivematica - Release 1.7.0NormalizationYes04/13/2017
10674Archivematica Storage ServiceBugQA/ReviewMediumTypo preventing fixity app from returning all informationArchivematica Storage Service - 0.10.0Yes12/12/2016
10083Archivematica Storage ServiceFeatureFeedbackMediumGeneric search REST API (proof-of-concept)Mike CantelonREST APIYes06/28/201670.00
10081Archivematica Storage ServiceFeatureQA/ReviewMediumRelate packages to one anotherSarah RomkeyArchivematica Storage Service - 0.9.0REST APIYes06/28/2016
10060ArchivematicaFeatureNewMediumUnidentified files reportYes06/22/2016
9059Archivematica Storage ServiceFeatureQA/ReviewMediumAllow new metadata files to be POSTed to storage service, when invoking re­ingestArchivematica Storage Service - 0.10.0REST APIYes10/15/2015
8618Access to Memory (AtoM)FeatureNewLowUpdate date format in ES documentsSearch / BrowseYes06/29/2015
6468Archivematica Storage ServiceFeatureNewHighuse Collection instead of label for name of new transfer in Sword APIMike CantelonSword APIYes03/18/2014

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