Bug #4869

Updated by Dan Gillean about 7 years ago

*To Reproduce*
1) Create an archival description
2) Create an authority record
3) In the ISAAR authority record, at the archival description as a related resource. Submit, and click save.
4) Edit the ISAAR record again - navigate to the related resources dialog in the Relationships area. Click the pencil icon to edit

*Resulting Error*
Title of related resource field does not populate, though the data is saved in the record.

*Expected Result*
When opening the Related resources dialog for a relationship that is already saved, user should see the title populating the "title of related resource" field when editing.

This issue has been identified, and fixed, thanks to a community user contribution. Reported behaviour was reproduced on the AtoM 1.3 demo site, and the submitted patch has been tested on the 1.x development branch.