Feature #8410

Updated by Dan Gillean about 5 years ago

This feature will add a custom syntax for creating links in text area fields in AtoM, instead of using HTML, which can often negatively affect XML exports.

Original formats reviewed:
Suggested formats:
<pre>{{ Google|http://www.google.ca }}</pre>
* Redmine
* MediaWiki
<pre>[http://www.google.ca Google]</pre>
* Markdown

After extensive testing with a Regex editor, we have decided to implement the Redmine solution, as other options could not always be properly parsed.


This will be available in most text areas of all major entities in AtoM (e.g. archival descriptions, authority records, accessions, archival institutions, etc), in the large text area boxes.

Some notes on where it will not work:

* It cannot be used in controlled value fields (e.g. those linked to taxonomies)
* It cannot be used on static pages - here it is acceptable, and even expected, to use HTML
* RAD Title notes do not currently support this feature.