Bug #10648

Updated by Nick Wilkinson over 3 years ago

During AtoM install, if the admin restarts the server after installing PHP, but before running the web based AtoM setup, when AtoM setup is run it will fail after completing the "Configuring Search" page with the error 'The "i18n" object does not exist in the current context'. This affects 16.04 installs but I haven't tested anywhere else - I suspect it affects any OS where ticket 8887 is deployed.

This has been reported in the forums:

This appears to be triggered here:
...and is related to ticket #8887

The first message in this forum post contains the full trace for the error:

It was found that if a user encounters this error, they can work around by:
- restart fpm (sudo systemctl restart php7.0-fpm <-- in the case of Ubuntu 16.04)
- restart the install (dump and recreate db, delete and set up the atom application folder again)
- the install will now proceed cleanly.

If the user just tries again without restarting fpm, they will repeatedly run into the same error during install.

A coded fix has not been implemented yet and this is not directly related to Ubuntu 16.04.