Bug #12459

Updated by Dan Gillean about 2 years ago

First reported via the AtoM User Forum, 2018-09-21: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ica-atom-users/-lIl0Cd3JJ0/vQUUiyWfCgAJ

*To reproduce*
* Navigate to Manage > Physical storage
* Make sure you have data that includes physical storage information (name, location, and type). Create a new location:
** Name: FOO
** Location: BAR
** Type: Hollinger box
* Save, and return to Manage > Physical storage
* Search for BAR
* Search for Hollinger

*Resulting error*
* No results for BAR or Hollinger
* Only physicalObjectName appears to be indexed

*Expected result*
* All fields in the current physical storage module should be indexed and searchable via the Physical storage module's dedicated search box.