Feature #13262

Updated by Dan Gillean 10 months ago

This feature enhancement will extend the functionality added in feature #13254. There, we have added support for additional identifier types and values, in line with the new Canadian Archival Accession Information Standard (CAAIS) recommendations, found in "element 1.2":http://archivescanada.ca/CWG_AccessionStandard#1.2_e

This enhancement further extends #13254 by adding CSV import support for the three new fields - an identifier type (linked to a new taxonomy), the identifier value, and an identifier note field.

In the updated CSV, these new fields will use the following column headers:

* alternativeIdentifiers
* alternativeIdentifierTypes
* alternativeIdentifierNotes

These fields are repeatable in the AtoM user interface. Correspondingly, values in these columns can be | pipe separated to include multiple values on import.