Feature #13555

Updated by Dan Gillean 4 months ago

In issue #10733, we added a new feature called "Institutional scoping." When enabled via Admin > Settings > Global, It adds a dedicated repository search box and customizable customizeable browse menu per repository on the following pages:

# Any repository view page
# Any description search/browse results view page that includes linked to a repository filter/facet
# Any description view search/browse results page if the user arrives there from that includes a repository-scoped search or the repository view page's Holdings menu filter/facet

There are two areas where this feature could be enhanced to improve the user experience Right now, element 2 is not displaying as expected - first in how scoping is applied to description view pages, and also in how it is applied to authority records.


will only show up if you have visited the related repository record view pages page FIRST, and scoping*

This third point in
then used the holdings list above (re: description view pages) leads to navigate to a related description.

*To reproduce*

* Log in as
an inconsistent user experience - it's possible administrator to see a site that that includes multi-repository data
* Navigate to Admin > Settings > Global
* Find
the institutional scoping in some cases but not others, depending on how you have navigated.

At first this seems like a regression, but
Enable Institutional Scoping setting, set it turns out this is currently how to "Yes," and save
* Use
the feature global search box to navigate directly to an archival description

*Resulting error*

* Institutional scoping
is implemented, as per a note in the related documentation:

> Finally, the institution block will also appear
not immediately applied when arriving on the view page of a description related archival description, but only if the to a repository. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a parent description is arrived at via one of or a descendant
* If you visit
the scoped elements - i.e. related repository view page and then use the holdings list on Holdings menu to navigate to a description, the scoping will load as expected
* If you visit the
repository view page, or from a scoped page first, then use the global search or browse page. If to navigate directly to a user arrives at the archival description via a global search or browse page, the institution block related to that repository, it will not appear. be applied as expected

See: https://www.accesstomemory.org/docs/latest/user-manual/administer/settings/#enable-institutional-scoping *Expected outcome*

This feature should be enhanced for a more consistent end user experience so that arriving on * Visiting the view page of any description page that is linked to a repository will when institutional scoping is enabled should display the related institutional block if scoping is enabled.


*Authority record
in the left context menu
* Users should not have to visit a repository
view pages page and scoping*

In issue #8642, we added
use the ability holdings list to directly associate an authority record with an archival institution as its maintainer. Now that this exists, we should also consider enabling see the institutional scoping when viewing authority records that have a maintainer link.
on related descriptions