A project to describe preservation workflows for disk images, and impelement those worklows using Archivematica.

The scope of this work includes:
  • Identifying disk images with more than one volume/filesystem
  • Identifying the filesystem in each volume of a disk image
  • Extracting files from older filesystems such as hfs and fat12
  • Extracting metadata from disk images/filesystems (about the fil system itself and the contents i.e. number of files etc)
  • Include new tools like hfsutils with Archivematica in order to process these disk images
  • Develop new FPR rules to use these new tools
  • Determine how to record metadata about disk images in an Archivematica METS file
  • Determine how to access this metadata (reports, search interfaces and apis, etc)
  • SR&ED-eligible: Yes

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