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04:24 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Feature #13319 (In progress): Replace AtoM's Flash based multi-uploader


04:28 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13442: Saved clipboard maximum age setting is not considered by default
Mike Cantelon wrote:
> The CLI task has to be run, though, either manually or added to a crontab.
I came up with ...


06:25 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Feature #13315 (Verified): Add ability to attach events to accession records
This enhancement will bring the AtoM accessions module closer to compliance with the Canadian Archival Accession Info...
03:45 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13314 (Verified): Formatting issue when displaying linked physical storage locations
When linking physical storage to an archival description or accession record, html nbsp is displayed...


03:59 PM Archivematica Bug #11013 (Verified): Unneeded dc.json in metadata dir of AIP if DC added to transfer
03:59 PM Archivematica Bug #11294 (Verified): Increase Elasticsearch timeout limit
03:58 PM Archivematica Bug #11894 (Verified): Problem: Unable to fetch levels of description from AtoM
03:53 PM Archivematica Bug #8081 (Duplicate): ES only indexing last dmdSec in METS file
Replaced by


03:13 AM Archivematica Feature #8161 (Verified): Enable internationalization and localization in Archivematica


02:41 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12043: CSV import of accessions allows blank accession identifiers
Awesome... I've added it to stable/2.4.x.

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