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11:06 AM Archivematica Bug #11213: atom dip upload not working
We're asking the sys admins for a refresh of our test sites soon, I can test it there.


03:29 PM Archivematica Bug #11213 (Feedback): atom dip upload not working
It works, but is still prompting for the config. This will break some of our users' automated workflows. See comment ...


03:09 PM Archivematica Feature #11792: Give the user a choice, during AIP creation, whether or not they want a normative...
If both testing servers could be updated that would be great. Thanks!
03:08 PM Archivematica Bug #11213: atom dip upload not working
Santi had already updated Augustus but the failure is still occurring. We'll consult with a dev and get back to you.


03:29 PM Archivematica Bug #11213 (Feedback): atom dip upload not working
A couple pieces of feedback:
1. This was tested with - it still fails to...


02:20 PM Archivematica Feature #11125 (Verified): Change METS encoding to UTF-8
This is a sponsored feature to change encoding of all METS created by Archivematica and the Storage Service to be in ...
11:09 AM Archivematica Bug #10828: Cannot do metadata only re-ingest if originals have been normalized twice
Sara, I didn't have a chance to continue testing this so reassigning to you.


11:00 AM Archivematica Bug #11117 (Feedback): JHOVE reporting validation failure when MediaConch reports success
Testing with /acceptance-tests/preforma/when-normalized-all-valid, I created a second validation rule to validate mkv...
09:36 AM Archivematica Bug #11114 (Feedback): Normalization report showing "Passed" for validation when should be N/A
With the new MediaConch functionality, validation checks can now be run on access and preservation derivatives, if th...


01:15 PM Archivematica Bug #11076: Policy/implementation validation output in METS is excessive
I just noticed that similar output is coming from implementation checks as well, see attached.

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