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02:52 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12623 (Invalid): OAI settings page redirects to global settings page
Are you sure about this? It works for me. My suspicion is that you forgot to enable the arOaiPlugin first - when the ...
01:22 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12622 (Code Review): Reserved characters in site title are not escaped in OAI response; caus...
First reported via GitHub by Paul Collins, staff at the Mills Archive - https://github.com/artefactual/atom/issues/80...
09:27 AM AtoM Wishlist Feature #12621 (New): Allow users to configure default values to pre-populate certain fields in n...
This feature proposal was first mentioned in the AtoM user forum on 2018-12-07:
* https://groups.google.com/d/msg...
08:43 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #10854: SKOS source notes are not being exported
Hi Mike,
Yes, that seems to be the only tag that fits. Would be nice if we could give it a type attribute, but I ...


03:29 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12620 (Code Review): Advanced search keyword field does not default to sorting by relevance
* Perform a global search that will return some records - e.g. coffee
* Notice that on the results page, results are...


11:05 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #9290: Accession numbers and acquisition dates are not easily searched
Assigning to myself to investigate further


02:52 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12578 (New): Full-width treeview's custom expand/collapse icons have been lost
We use the "jsTree":https://www.jstree.com/ library for AtoM's full-width treeview (first added in #6375). During the...


08:52 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12484 (Verified): Remove appraisal column from example RAD CSV template
Looks good! I've updated the "version on the wiki":https://wiki.accesstomemory.org/File:Example_information_objects_r...
08:45 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12322 (Verified): Repository names should not appear in actor autocompletes
Looks good! Thanks!


07:49 AM AtoM Wishlist Feature #8572 (New): Allow importing of multiple languages for the same record in csv:import
Tested in 2.4 vagrant box, and by a user in the forum, 2018-10-30 (forum post "here":https://groups.google.com/d/msg/...

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