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08:52 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13547: Advanced Search - incorrect default "Digital object available" behavior
*Testing notes*
So, the good news is that this does not appear to be impacting the actual results - it is just inc...


04:50 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Feature #13361 (Verified): Add option to cache:xml-representations task to export only EAD or DC XML
Documentation added in 2.7 branch as well, in https://github.com/artefactual/atom-docs/commit/b59401984ad922c289a4655...
03:28 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13523 (Verified): Job errors shown in non-error output get shown as "info"


05:09 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13422 (Verified): Basic auth login screen shows when CAS is enabled if user goes to /user/login
04:31 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13513 (Verified): Digital object derivative regeneration task doesn't work on actor D.O.s
04:00 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13544 (Verified): Exclude narrower terms link and filter tag always link to description results


10:51 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13543 (New): Regression - digital object metadata about remote digital objects no longer dis...
In issue #13388 we enhanced the digital object metadata display area, making it easier to see information about the o...
09:11 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13542 (New): Applying the copyright pop-up warning to a locally uploaded PDF removes access ...
Given that PDFs are treated slightly differently than other digital objects regarding permissions (i.e. access to mas...


11:54 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Task #13535 (Verified): Enhance accessibility support of various AtoM template elements


10:21 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13539 (Verified): Regression - Admin > Groups page no longer accessible via the user interfa...
Looks like that fixed it!

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